NARS UK Consulting Limited was established in 2017 with the sole mission to establish trading networks to offer innovations and technologies being constantly developed in the Middle-East to the rest of the world.

We started from the pharmaceutical sector where we, as of today, offer more than 30 valuable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms manufactured in GMP certified facilities.

We expanded our reach to transferring Know-Hows in various sectors, ranging from nanotechnology to IT systems.

Following the late Covid-19 crisis, we have started to offer Personal Protective Equipment and disposable products to meet the national demand in the UK.

We aim to support the National Healthcare System (NHS) and become one of the lead suppliers in the next 5 years.

Investment and funding

We are constantly in search of reputable and reliable business partners to work with in setting up domestic manufacturing facilities in the UK in order to reduce the national dependence on imports.

We are actively involved in search of individuals involved in and looking to invest in:

  • GMP-licensed facilities for pharmaceuticals
  • PPE manufacturing facilities
  • IT start-ups
  • R&D in nanotechnology, including manufacturing
  • Transport and logistic firms